About us

Joe Fedele (pictured left) and Charles Caruso (pictured right)

Made with love, by family, for family.

Created in Heathcote, a world acclaimed wine region that produces some of the best wines, embracing the perfect balance of soil and climate.

This humble region is renowned the world over for growing authentic, pure and robust Shiraz that can match it with anything the world can dish up. Shiraz here can lay it’s vibrant hat, and guess what? It’s a bloody good drop! Do you know the French make wine here and ship it back to their own? Suffice to say, Heathcote embraces the perfect balance of soil and climate for the Shiraz varietal to shine and in Australia, we have embraced it like no other. Fruit forwardness, power and length is what it’s all about and we just want everybody to experience it.

The dirt it’s grown in, is red, dry, dusty and well worn. Leathery hand, wind effected, farming country where crops and sheep have been doing their thing for a long while. Nothing romantic really, just bloody hard work. The perfect environment for minimal intervention viticulture. And by the way, watch out for the Roo’s at dusk, as you put your head out the car to inhale a huge waft of warm, autumn, primary ferment air. Are you feeling it? 

We offer no long-winded list of wines or sweet, gateway entry levels, to excite the market. 

You see, we assume if you’re reading this, you’re already excited and passionate about life, family, friends and great Shiraz, period! Perhaps you’ve already had some faith in the child? 

Made with love, by family, for family. Our family, friends, our children, the soil, our food and Traditions are a constant inspiration. That’s just who we are!  

We come from farming families so worshiping any agricultural product is dare we say it, a little bit beyond us. Add a serious peppering of uncompromising, Italo-Australian quality control, when debating harvest time, weather and grape quality. And you have an impressive Shiraz that authentically expresses place. 

It’s got a big heart, for big hearts. Class and pedigree for all, minus the hip pocket slap down, an all too common reality, when some wine buffs talk about soil, place and Tradition.

We just love making premium ‘small batch’ Heathcote Shiraz and love it even more when people enjoy our wine, one of life’s great pleasures.
We are a tiny producer in the world of wine. Our entire focus is on producing the best Heathcote Shiraz possible. We hand harvest, with ferment times and skin contact varying according to seasonal conditions. Our aim is to create a loyal following of local wine drinkers without the fan-fair found in certain wine circles. We are extremely passionate about our Shiraz and would love for all your family and friends to hear about us. Ultimately wine is about taste and as local farmers we aim to always keep it real and accessible to all. 

We generally release our Shiraz after two years because we still believe good wine from good grapes requires some time to develop. This doesn’t always fit with the commercial landscape but it’s our choice not to compromise on quality. This is our point of difference. Single site quality, family owned, value. 
Cheers - Cent’ anni.
100 years to you!

Joe Fedele & Charles Caruso