The Shiraz Varietal in Australia

The Shiraz Varietal in Australia:

The Shiraz varietal is consistent in its nature, full-bodied with bold, upfront dark blackberry and plum fruit, most often married with toasted American (vanilla) and/or French oak (delicate cedar notes). The lines of Shiraz are well defined with structured abundant fruit flavours.  Australian Shiraz delivers length of fruit and tannin on finish that allows you to enjoy the wine for minutes after swallowing (Geddes, 2007). Under Australian conditions, Shiraz has become the variety that it was always intended to become.  A warm, consistent, climate and a balanced vine, coupled with a kind season usually equates to good fruit. And good fruit equals good wine, consistently! In May 2016, the 10thInternational Competition between the best Syrah in the World was held in Ampuis Castle in Ampuis, France. Regarding the top 10 best Syrah du Monde, Australia had two in the top five (second and fifth). In 2015 Australia was awarded the most gold medals for its Shiraz entries with 11 in total (Syrah du Monde, 2016).

“Shiraz is now getting the attention it once had and currently deserves. It’s like the home-grown actor or singer who is never really given respect until having proved a success overseas (Oliver, 2017).”