A little bit about our history

Joe and Charles lightly pressing their 2019 vintage, which is ready for you to try now.

As farmers Charles and I often reflect on our parents and many like them, who approximately 70 years ago headed to Australia for a better life. On a rusty old ship they travelled for 30 odd days, heading to a land of opportunity. Within their sights…a rackety, old wooden symbol of Melbourne’s immigration history.  That is, Station Pier in the 1950’s.  The harsh, sun bathed Mediterranean terrain they left behind were often met by harsher conditions.  As most newcomers they over time developed a personal identity that reflected their surrounds and experiences.  Tilling their own hard earned soil without subjugation by Prince or principalities.  Their home, soil and vineyards eventually had strong roots within the small communities they became part of.  Difficult seasons, strained economic realities and challenging soils built resilience and character that in time created great wines.